#2018 Berlin Conference - 31st August 2018

African Tech & Entrepreneurship Conference 2018

The Core Sectors in Building Afrolynk's Unique Ecosystem

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#Afrolynk 2018 Conference

The African startup impact platform in Germany that supports, connects and brings together start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, SMEs, corporations, organizations and all the stakeholders of the startup ecosystem interested in Africa. We have an exciting super-packed conference this year.
Call for application is still open and the organizing team will take your input.


Giving support to entrepreneurs and startups to innovate and build minimum viable products (MVP) or prototypes that are investible while training supporting and promoting other with ready solutions to enter new markets.


Connecting, showcasing and bringing players on the African startup scene (entrepreneurs, investors, hubs, accelerators, policy makers, VCs) with the European ecosystem to network and share knowledge.


Providing newer scaling opportunities and options to accelerate and grow startups. With the provision of technical support, infrastructure support, capital and expertise through our partners networks and close ecosystem.


Premium Conference

2018 Open Call
Pitch, Participation & Partnership Application are now OPEN!!!

Highlights of the #2017 amazing experience!! Afrolynk Videos

Focus on - Empowerment and Innovation Inclusion, Migration and Diversity, Employment and Skill Development, Future of Technology - Cloud

Emphasis on 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

Highlight and Showcase of Inspiring and Impactful milestones within the startup ecosystem

Sharing and Challenging mindsets for greatness from Key stakeholders

Demonstrations, illustrations and exhibitions to investors and potential partners

Pitching opportunities, Exhibition stands, and 1-on-1 with Investors & Potential Partners

A 2 day workshop Ideation and Investor Ready Workshop proir to the main conference



Want to partner with Us? Position your organisation in front of the key players in tech. For speaking & sponsorship opportunities, email us at partner@afrolynk.com

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Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze packages

Marketing & Exhibition

Brand awareness and publicity

Partnership & Support

Media, Press & Network partnerships and volunteers

Investors & Start-ups

One-on-One with VCs, accelerators and entreprenuers


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